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Nothing but blue skies

That’s the kind of memorable, fantastic experience we design for you at Sky Bar for your next event.


Treat 24 of your guests to a truly special setting and incredible craft cocktails! Food service can also be arranged. We are proud to offer a beautiful, thoughtfully designed space with the vibrance only Colorado’s sunsets offer in our open-air views. You’ll additionally wow your guests with the venue’s own special elevator for an impactful entrance. Just tell us what you have in mind and let us create your personalized event.

Airplane in the sky at sunrise
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How many days in advance should I book?

If you are interested in booking an event with Sky Bar, please contact at least 1 month prior to your event. But, sooner is always better!

How many people can you host?

We comfortably hold approximately 25 people. 

Do you host Business Events?

Whether it's business or personal, if your party is 25 people are less, we would LOVE to host you!

Are people under 21 allowed in events?

Sky Bar is a 21+ bar